I'm alive and still using Livejournal!
Just saying.

I'm making LJ a more visually stimulating place —
find out how you can too!

Because we're all tired of the boring grey-in-grey layouts that are being offered throughout various layout communities and generally all look the same.

For the americans...

I know it's none of my business, but I'd give a lot to be able to vote in this election.

Guuuys, emergency here. My tv is broken and I really really want to watch the Emmys. Anonye know of an online streaming thing or anything?

Tiny friends cut.
I only removed dead or never updated journals and two or three people who I just didn't click with.


I should have made one of these ages ago since my LJ has always been friends only. Kinda.

Anyways, please take me off your flist if I haven't friended you back. If you're watching this journal for my icons, they are no longer here but at mezzoprism. And layouts are at cartonage.

I like my flist small and neat, so I'm currently not adding new people. But if you're on my flist and just changed your username, comment so I can re-add you. =)

Tets post for layout purposes, please ignore
Test post: BLA.

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Icons @ New Icon Community.
So, the majority voted for the community, and the majority decides...so..


Please defriend this journal if you friended me for my icons and friend/join mezzoprism because I will not be posting icons here anymore.

I'm sorry for the people who wanted me to keep posting here. =(
Basically everything stays the same, except that you now have my username and the name of my community next to my icons on your flist and that it's not looking so pretty anymore because the community isn't a paid account. I hope you can all live with that. =)

And the first icon batch is up at the community, so I'm posting previews here (one last time *sniff*):

Kate, Lisa, GA 3.16, House 3.14 = 168 Icons

Oh, and sorry if I'm spamming your flists, but I crossposted this, like, everywhere. :/

Addison's Anatomy x 94
3x14 - 41
3x15 - 53

The Goddess"s name is AddisonCollapse )

GA 3x14 - 60 icons
This time the other way round, the Addison's Anatomy icon post will follow later. (Maybe Tuesday?)

Mostly Meredith (0_0), Cristina, Callie, Addie, Izzie...um, whatever.

I..am...actively..NOT...thinking...about...you..right..nooooow..Collapse )